Paris is a community that cherishes the past and the present and looks toward the future. The past provides a strong foundation for the tradition and culture you will find among the citizens of our community. The future shows continued and ongoing growth of our county seat, with an emphasis on responsible development.


Our City Square features a working courthouse with city, county & state offices; in addition to several craft, gift and antique shops. Between the months of May to August, you will find a Farmer’s Market on our City Square where you can purchase fresh produce from local farmers. On occasion, you may also find additional crafts for sell from participating vendors at the Farmer’s Market.

Paris is located in a wonderfully, beautiful part of Arkansas with many natural and scenic resources, including a number of scenic lakes and streams, the Ozark National Forest, and Mount Magazine State Park. These resources encourage many outdoor activities year-round including: fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking, camping, swimming, biking, horseback riding, hanggliding, rock climbing, and rappelling.


The most precious resource in our community is the caring citizens. You will find people who have lived here all of their lives, as have their families, working alongside others who have moved here from all over the country. Men, women & children volunteer a tremendous amount of their personal time to give back to our community and in return they receive and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

The Paris Area Chamber of Commerce encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of our citizens and encourages others to support local businesses when possible. Our community also welcomes corporate involvement from the manufacturing companies located in the surrounding areas. An active work force in Logan County helps keep the economy strong and unemployment low.

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