Best Upcoming Games for PC in 2018 and Beyond

Image result for Best Upcoming Games for PC in 2018 and BeyondIn the upcoming months, we are going to see plenty of incredible games coming to PC whatever your gaming passion. From titles with triple-A status to more highly hyped releases, we surely have exciting times ahead. Here we have prepared a list of top PC games to expect in the coming months so its better you prepare your wish list and wallet in advance.

  • Two Point Hospital: Release date 30th August 2018

This game will surely look familiar to you once you check out its trailer because it promises an excellent re-imaging of Classic Theme Hospital of 1997, more to it is that its build by some of the same developers. The game puts you in charge of a fully blown hospital with all the headache and fun associated with such a job. You will be in charge of the hospitals operations including building and maintaining it.

  • Life is Strange 2: Release date 27th September 2018

From the award winning Life is Strange 1, the second release returns in 5 episodes based game play which will be an adventure based season. The new release brings new characters and locations which will make the game more entertaining. But if the waiting is too long you can try the demo “The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit” as a taster of Life is Strange 2.

  • World War 3: Release date to be announced.

Leave alone the historic combat. World War 3 brings you realistic and authentic scenes and characters which will be much entertaining as compared to previous releases. The game is a multiplayer first person shooter that has real life location settings, has a fully customized system and features national armed forces.

  • Hit Man 2: Release date 13th November 2018

This game is a continuation of where Hit man 1 ended and this time the game will include the full release unlike the previous one which had episode content.