Health Benefits of Online Gaming

Image result for Health Benefits of Online GamingThinking about the health benefits of online gaming may be contradictory to our normal thinking as we often associate games with laziness, depression and unhealthy habits. Though this may be true for some gamers and some people may find themselves addicted, depressed, or anti-social, there are also many benefits to gaming.

Games that are mentally involving have the ability to improve the cognitive and memory abilities of the gamer depending on whether they are playing a quick game on the phone or playing something more involving like war games on PC. Today many interesting games can be found on the internet.

What are some of the health benefits associated with online games?

  • Socializing

Though many people believe that online gamers are just held up in a dark room with only a pack of popcorn as their company, many of these online games have formed communities where members share and interact just as in normal social settings. It’s on these platforms that members have gone ahead and forged strong friendships that even blossom to relationships.

  • Improves players vision

You might think that the opposite is true if you spend most of the time staring on a console or at a smartphone screen, but if playing a fast game that requires intense attention, this can train the eye to view other objects or scenes more sharply.

  • Improves individual’s decision-making process

The ability to make fast and quick decision leave alone re-assessing the situation as it changes rapidly is very important, especially when playing fast paced games. Scientific studies have shown that action-oriented games offer the player a training opportunity for accessing and assimilating information from the surrounding quickly and make informed decisions.

Online games are associated with many benefits, but it is important to keep gaming in perspective.