Popular Online Games 2018

Related imageSince its original release in 2016, Clash Royale has grown to its popularity because of how unique it blends its genres in terms of collectible cards and tower defense. This tends to appeal to those people who like playing games like clash of clans or who can’t get enough of games like Hearthstone. Due to this popularity, many other copycat games have emerged with the same themes, but most of them are uninspiring. However, there are some that have successfully tried to ape and also added some other features that will interest you if you are a fan of multiplayer games like this. Here’s a list of some of these games.

Cards and Castles

This game is developed by the R.E.D team and operates on Android, iOS, and PC. The Cards and Castle combines a MOBA with trading game cards, which is just like the one on Clash Royale. When you start the game, you will be able to use the multi-function combo decks across 5 unique factions.

X-War: Clash of Titans

Developed by Caesar, this game is supported on both iOS, and Android. If you are out looking for games that let you recruit characters just as in Hulk and Ironman, then X-War: Clash of Titans is the option. The game combines gameplay modes for both Clash Royale and Cards of Castle, offering more in-depth combat that will keep you hooked.

Pocket Fort

Developed by Xin Lin and operating on the Android and iOS platforms, Pocket Fort for beginners may feel like Clash Royale. The gameplay is also just like that of Clash Royale, but it’s mainly meant for younger players due to its simplicity.

Card Wars Kingdom

If at all you’ve watched Adventure Time, you will notice this game is played in the series. The developers, Cartoon Network, have made a step towards bringing it in real life on mobile.