All you need to know about Gamescom 2018

Though the E3 which took place in June is the most recognized videogame event in the western hemisphere, Gamescom which will be held in Germany is the place where some of the biggest forthcoming games in the industry will actually become playable. The Gamescom event that will take place late August is the place you will find the latest information on hardware and games that are being developed currently.

What is Gamescom

This event first started in 2009 and it takes place each year between mid-August to late August and is held at the Koelnmesse convention center in Cologne, Germany. During this event some companies with interests in the gaming industry hold conferences where they showcase their products. During this year’s event the first day (21st August) is slotted for media and trade only while the public will be allowed in from Wednesday 21 August till the event ends on Saturday 25th August.

Press conferences to Expect

During last year’s Gamescom event there were many companies that held press conferences where they showcased different upcoming games, consoles and hardware. During this year’s event only Xbox have confirmed their intentions of holding the press conference. Xbox will hold a special inside Xbox live stream from their Gamescom booth and we expect them to showcase the upcoming games for 2018 and new hardware (Which may include the Elite 2 Controller) and hopefully other surprises.

Big companies and games to expect

Though there are many companies that will take part in the event; these are the companies to keep an eye on.

  • Xbox at Gamescom

Apart from the inside Xbox live show, Microsoft will be holding an Xbox FanFest on Thursday night where there will be lots of Windows 10 PC games and playable Xbox one.

Others on the list include Playstation, EA sports, Activision, Ubisoft, Amazon, Asus, 1C Company among others.